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APEL is a Portuguese company founded in 1985 by Ginestal Machado, who develops its activity in the national and international real estate market designing and developing architectural and specialty projects.

Many of the commercial buildings and housing complexes built in recent decades in Porto are by APEL: a large number of works of significant size especially in the Porto district, but also in several other Portuguese cities. Shopping and Business Centres, Multifunctional Buildings and large Housing Complexes absorb a large part of the production of Ginestal Machado’s studio, and it also owes several remodelling, restoration and heritage rehabilitation works of classified buildings and spaces.

Internationalization was one of the greatest challenges embraced by the architect, who today can be affirmed as a World Architect, having already designed for Spain, Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Algeria, Venezuela and Brazil.


Apel History


APEL foundation year

1985 – 1995

Decade defined as the “golden age”, in which major real estate projects were developed, such as the Lago Buildings, the Capitolio, Arrábida Shopping, the Remodelling of the Grande Hotel da Figueira, São João Bosco, among many others.

1995 – 2005

Time for major projects in the eastern part of Porto: some eventually did not occur, such as the Alameda de Cartes Development, and others advanced, such as Dolce Vita Porto (now Alameda Shopping Centre).

It was at this time that the first venture in Lisbon was developed – Condominio do Parque.

Still in Porto, several residential condominiums were designed, such as Douro Villas, with great commercial success.

2005 – 2015

This was a decade of great works, such as EDP Headquarters and Boavista Prime Residence.

It was also a time when APEL was involved in the reconversion of the old industrial area of Porto, through landmark projects such as the National Pharmacy Association Headquarters and Porto Office, and in the requalification of the space in front of S. João Hospital, with Paços São João.
However, during this period, Portugal went through a strong economic crisis, and Ginestal Machado embraced one of its biggest challenges: internationalization, especially in Angola, Sao Tome and Principe, Venezuela and Brazil.

2015 – Today

With the economic recovery, APEL is once again being sought not only by old clients, but also by new investors. Over the last few years, it has developed important projects in the field of rehabilitation, such as A Brasileira Hotel (already completed) and Palácio dos Correios (still under construction), and also in the growth of new housing areas, such as the Ouro Residence (under construction) on the River Douro, or the “Paços da Prelada” Project (of the five lots, one is under construction and other already completed), in Prelada.

With several works in progress, the studio has several ongoing projects, such as the conversion of the former Colégio Almeida Garrett.

Despite the good phase in the Portuguese real estate sector, internationalization continues to occupy a significant part of the production of Ginestal Machado’s studio.


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