Ginestal Machado

Graduated from the prestigious Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, Ginestal Machado began his activity as a liberal professional in 1973, developing small individual works and collaborating until 1975 with Arch. Joaquim Marques de Araújo.

Between 1975 and 1985, he mainly developed social housing projects by various orders: Public Institutions, Town Halls and Housing Cooperatives.

In 1985 he founded APEL, a company that currently, with more than three decades of experience in the real estate market, has a vast portfolio of more than 600 projects.

Together they are works that make Ginestal Machado one of the architects with the most impact of his generation in the city of Porto, and here he also became a World Architect.

In the last four decades, despite his low profile, he has not gone unnoticed, since he has been involved in some controversies over which time has proved him right.

Recognizing that architecture is an interdisciplinary science, history will prove how Ginestal Machado managed to have a social, dynamic and conceptualized intervention through his works.

Apel - Ginestal Machado

“After more than four decades of occupation and three decades of existence of APEL (the studio that is often confused with me), I think it is essential to communicate the work that has been done: there are already over six hundred projects developed in Portugal and all around the world!

I can’t help being proud of everything that has been done, the work that was born and the teachings that I and all of us who are part of this team take from these years of work.

I hope that all those who have accompanied me over the years feel that our relationship, the teamwork we developed and everything we’ve been through together has been worth it! I know it was not easy, spending time with me is not always easy, but I feel that both I and the APEL school were teachers, colleagues and friends, because age and experience tell me that the result was positive! I confess that I never knew how to work in a team, that I never wanted to be a teacher, but I know that my, our APEL, built a legacy.

Architecture is an art and a science, and perhaps the most beautiful profession in the world, which is why I feel happy and privileged!”

Architect Ginestal Machado

“Man of rare generosity and a great friend! Ginestal is an architect who inherited from his father the best qualities…

He completely dominates the project, and the studio is his place. He is a gentleman there, on the drawing board and outside, surrounded by paintings and art objects; he is a projective man.

Many times, he called me to collaborate on his projects. We made drawings for friends and built a strong friendship… that will continue!

I hope someday a book will be made about him, something he doesn’t want…

He is a man who will stay in the history of Porto.”


(Testimony of Sculptor José Rodrigues for the book edited by Uzina Books about Architect Ginestal Machado, Porto, March 11, 2013)

Apel - Ginestal Machado

 Átrio principal do Edifício Porto Innova – Sede Associação Nacional de Farmácias

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